Book Reviews

Author Title ISBN
Alexander, Melissa C Click for Joy 1-890948-12-8
Anderson, Teoti Your Out of Control Puppy 0-7938-2900-3
Arden, Andrea Dog-Friendly Dog Training 1-58245-009-9
Baer, Nancy & Steve Duno Leader of the Pack 0-06-101019-7
Behan, Kevin Natural Dog Training 0-688-08783-3
Book, Mandy&Cheryl Smith Quick Clicks 0-9674796-4-9
Book, Mandy&Cheryl Smith Right On Target 1-929242-32-8
Booth, Sheila Purely Positive Training companion to competition 0-9663020-0-1
Burnham, Patricia Gail Playtraining your Dog 0-312-61691-0
Dodman, Nicholas Puppy's First Steps 0-618-66304-5
Donaldson, Jean The Culture Clash (2) 1-888047-05-4
Donaldson, Jean Fight! (Dog-Dog Aggression) 0-9705629-6-9
Donaldson, Jean Mine! (Resource Guarding) 0-9705629-4-2
Donaldson, Jean Perfect Paws in 5 Days dvd
Dunbar, Ian Before You Get Your Puppy 1-888047-00-3
Dunbar, Ian Before and After Getting Your Puppy 1-57731-455-7
Dunbar, Ian Doctor Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book 1-888047-02-X
Dunbar, Ian How to teach a new dog old tricks 1-888047-06-2
Dunbar, Ian Sirius Puppy Training Redux dvd
Haggerty-Brennan, Babette Woman's Best Friend 0-07-141740-0
Hansen, Harold Dog Trainer's Guide to Parenting 1-57071-510-6
Long, Lorie A Dog Who's Always Welcome 978-0-470-14248-6
Kalnajs, Sarah The Language of Dogs dvd
Kershaw, Elizabeth Go Click 0-553-38367-1
McConnell, Patricia How to be the Leader of the Pack 1-891767-02-X
McConnell, Patricia the Cautious Canine 1-891767-3
McConnell, Patricia I'll Be Home Soon 1-891767-05-4
McConnell, Patricia Feisty Fido 1-891767-07-0
McConnell, Patricia K London Way to Go 1-891767-08-9
McConnell, Patricia A Moore Family Friendly Dog Training 1-891767-11-9
McConnell, Patricia B Scidmore Puppy Primer 1-891767-01-1
McDevitt, Leslie Control Unleashed 978-1-892694-17-1
Miller, Pat The Power of Positive Dog Training 0-7645-3609-5
Palika, Liz All Dogs Need Some Training 0-87605-407-6
Parsons, Emma Click To Calm 1-890948-20-9
Prior, Karen Don't Shoot the Dog (2) 0-553-38039-7
Pryor, Karen Clicker Training for Dogs 1-890948-00-4
Pryor, Karen Clicker Training for Dogs expanded 1-890948-11-X
Pryor, Karen Lads Before the Wind diary of a dophin trainer 1-890948-04-7
Ross, John & B McKinney Puppy Preschool 0-312-14029-0
Rugaas, Turid On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals  
Rugaas, Turid Calming Signals: what your dog tells you (video)  
Rutherford, Clarice&David Neil How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With 1-56731-411-2
Sidman, Murry Coercion and its Fallout revised 1-888830-01-8
Skinner, BF Beyond Freedom & Dignity 0-553-25404-9
Quixi Dr Bad Dog to Good Dog 1-60239-005-3
Tillman, Peggy Clicking With Your Dog 1-890948-08-X
Volhard, Jack & M Bartlett What All Good Dogs Should Know 0-87605-832-2
Yin, Sophia, DVM How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves 0-7938-0543-0
Angel Dogs Productions Sound Socialization dvd