How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks – The SIRIUS Puppy Training Manual

By Ian Dunbar PhD, MRCVS

This is one of my favorite dog training books by one of the early alpha dogs of the training world. Very witty about teaching us how to convince the dog it is training us, focusing on trouble shooting typical puppy problems or just simply how to teach sit. Dating from 1991, it holds up well to today’s discussions of positive and punishment based training discussions. Dr. Dunbar is clear that for aversive training to work, it must be punishing at each and every mistake while missing a reward in positive training is actually strengthens the learning. I only wish it were on tape read by the author so that we could all hear the author’s British accent as he states the obvious.

Dr. Dunbar started SIRIUS puppy training in 1981 because he could find no classes available for his out of control less than 6 month old puppy. He went on to found the Association of Pet Dog Trainers which encourages education and positive training methods.