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Group Classes

Group Classes are held at Mucho Poocho
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Puppy or Basic?

Puppy is focused on socializing and playing with the other dogs. This is not about learning commands per se although there is a little setting the stage for learning to learn. Attending the puppy class is only for a few sessions before moving on to Basic. Also discussed will be avoiding problems in the future. Unused lessons may be applied toward another class.

Basic is teaching you to teach the common commands such as sit, stay (3 feet away for 1 minute or more), come, down, down stay (1 minute or more), heel and walking nicely on a leash around other dogs. Even deaf or blind dogs (special needs) can be taught basic obedience commands in group classes. For both classes, problem solving is addressed with a focus on teaching alternative behaviors. Some of the common problems are jumping, barking, chewing and house training. Other problems such as introducing the dog to cats can be discussed. Problems along the lines of separation anxiety fit better with private lessons.

Basic Refresher Class (4 weeks)

Basic Refresher is for those dogs who have been through a basic class but itís been a while. We review learning theory, commands, a few problem solving techniques and plenty of games to practice those commands.

Calming Reactive Rovers, Cautious Canines or Tiny Tots

Reactive Rovers is a class for dogs who are basically good dogs but sometimes don't like other people or dogs. These dogs may growl or display other behaviors (possible some aggression) that are upsetting and may embarrass the owner. This is about teaching you how to prepare and manage these dogs when they have an unexpected meeting. Cautious Canines are shy dogs in need of learning confidence. Often these are the smaller dogs but not always. Tiny Tots is the basic obedience in a class only for the little dogs aged 4 months and up.

AKC Canine Good Citizen

Interested in your dog becoming a therapy dog? The AKC Canine Good Citizen test is often the first step required by most organizations. This is the prep class for you and your dog. The test is offered the final week by an independent CGC evaluator.