About Us

Abby Harrison –Certified Pet Dog Trainer

I trained for PetCo for over 8 years. There I worked at 4 different stores only teaching basic obedience classes (and a fifth store for private lessons). I have helped several thousand owners and their dogs during this time.

I also volunteered at the Houston SPCA with their Good Manners program which trained older dogs to give them an edge in hopes they would be adopted.

Since 2003, I have volunteered for the AKC’s education programs at the Reliant Dog Show where I speak about where to find your new dog and how to prepare for that dog.

In 2007, I left PetCo and started my own training business. In November, I passed the rigorous Certified Pet Dog Trainer test (CPDT) offered by the Certification Council for Professional Dog trainers. The test derives questions from over 20 books and 5 videos and covered the following subject matter: instructional skills, animal husbandry, ethology, learning theory and equipment.

I joined the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in 2000. This is an international dog trainers association which emphases education and positive dog friendly training techniques.